Restaurant Tile Floor After Cleaning
Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning

Restore the Beauty of your Tile & Grout!

The cleanliness of your tile & grout can make or break the look of a office, restaurant, hotel or other business. When your tile & grout looks dirty, so does its surroundings.

Checkpoint takes the cleaning of your tile & grout seriously and has earned the gold seal of excellence for outstanding performance. Our technicians are specially trained in all porcelain, ceramic, marble and stone tile types as well as the grout used to join them. They are also trained on the many specialty tools we use to clean tile & grout anywhere on any surface. Such as; kitchens, bathrooms, foyers, hallways, patios, porches, stairs, counter tops, shower stalls, walls and even garages.


Another Member In Our Dual Cleaning Family

I. Cleaning: When our technicians enter your business, they will begin with a pH test to see if an alkaline or an acidic chemical will work best. Then they will select one of our specially formulated heated pre-sprays and apply it, agitating the heavily soiled areas. Afterward, a dwell time (length of time chemical is allowed to sit on the surface) is calculated, usually 10 minutes, which is closely monitored by our technician.
Old 1" X 1" Restaurant Tiles During Cleaning

II. Extraction: Once the pre-spray has done its job, we follow up with a high-pressure (1000psi) high-heat (240deg) extraction that removes all of the cleaning solution, stains and embedded dirt. This process is done with our special rotary tool leaving the surface dry minutes after it is cleaned.

Post Inspection

After your tile & grout is cleaned, we'll review the job with you to make sure everything was done to your satisfaction and answer any questions you may have. We want you to be 100% satisfied with the level of service you received. If you’re not satisfied, we will do the job over, no questions asked, GUARANTEED!


Usually when tile is installed, a sealer is added to the grout mixture allowing it to repel stains and hold up under everyday conditions. This protection wears off with everyday traffic and cleaning thus needing a professional to clean it. Our specially formulated grout sealers are designed to hold up for years, even under the worst conditions. Therefore, your tile & grout is easier to maintain yourself and nearly impossible to stain. Most tile floors after they are professionally cleaned, can be maintained with just a little bleach and hot water.

Dyeing & Sealing

Grout Damaged Beyond Cleaning?

For extreme situations where the grout has become permanently stained, faded or otherwise color damaged, we have technicians trained in the art of color repair. We can dye the grout to a color of your choice. This can also be done to change the appearance of your tile without the mess of removing and re-grouting the surface. We accomplish this by adding the dye to a special sealer and carefully applying it to the grout lines. The result is a surface that looks like a brand new tile job.

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