Freshly Dyed Carpet in an Apartment Livingroom
Commercial Carpet Dyeing

Restore the Color of your Carpet!

When your carpet is discolored from bleach spills, food coloring, urine, permanent marker or other unsightly misfortunes, it threatens to ruin the look of your home or business.

Color repair can be tricky, especially with the wide color ranges and fiber types used in today’s carpets. Our technicians at Checkpoint are specially trained in the art of color repair. Our dyeing process is permanent, and once completed, it will not transfer to clothing, come off or fade when it’s cleaned. This is a very cost effective way of saving your carpet if it is still in relatively good condition, especially in a multi-family or rental environment. Whether you need a couple of discolorations touched up or want to change the color of an entire room, our techs have the equipment and the expertise to get the job done.


I. Evaluation: When our Color repair technicians arrive, they will evaluate the situation, determining the make-up of your carpet fiber, what caused the discoloration and what solutions will be needed for the repair. Last, you will receive a written estimate.

II. Cleaning: Then the affected area is cleaned using one of our many specialty solutions. This neutralizes what caused the discoloration and ensures a good dye adhesion.

III. Dyeing: Next the dye is blended to match the color of your carpet or the color of your choice (always darker when changing a carpet’s color) and applied. For large jobs, a sprayer and feathering tool are used, but on small repairs, a dye pen may be used. The result is a color repair that’s next to perfect.

Post Inspection

As with all of our services, once the job is completed, our technicians will review the repair with you explaining what was done and answer any questions you may have. Your 100% satisfaction is our goal!

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