Berber Carpet That Was Repaird in Febuary of 2006
Commercial Carpet Repair

From Restretching & Reinstalls to Burns & Bad Seams.

When your carpet has ripples/waves, burn marks from cigarettes, irons, candles, etc., the color was chemically damaged from bleach, urine, drinks with red dye or acne medications. It can ruin the look of your home or business.

Checkpoint’s certified carpet installers are specially trained in all phases of carpet repairs. Our goal after any flooring repair is a finished product that looks as if nothing ever happened. Through the years we have perfected many “tricks of the trade” which keeps us a step above the rest. Checkpoint’s knowledgeable staff and many specialty tools position us to handle any carpet repair or reinstall you may have.

Restore for Thousands Less Than Replacing!


I. Restretching: In most cases ripples/waves in the carpet are a result of a poor installation. In other cases, the carpet may have gotten wet, or was exposed to months of high humidity in a closed building. In any case, the use of a power stretcher by a professional becomes necessary to correct this and is usually followed by a deep steam cleaning to remove the line caused by the ripple. Carpet that is loose will wear out twice as fast, causing the seams to come apart. Loose carpet will develop excessive traffic patterns and cause the padding to ride up over the tackstrip, compounding the problem.

II. Cut & Plugs: This is the trade name used where a damaged section of carpet is cut out and another piece seamed into its place. The carpet is usually furnished by the customer through a remnant left at the time of install, or a piece may be harvested from a closet. If this is a commercial or multi-family setting, we can furnish the carpet or vinyl as long as that dye lot is still available. The finished look of this repair depends largely on the carpet’s overall condition but in most cases you cannot tell there ever was a repair.

III. Seam Repairs: This is the trickiest of all carpet repairs and the success will depend on a wide range of conditions, such as amount of carpet that can be stretched to create a new seam, carpet color, carpet type and the extent of damage that was done. As always, free evaluations and estimates are given on all of our services.

IV. Reinstalls: This is when the carpet was removed or pulled back and needs to be put back down. This covers apartments or multi-family units switching carpet from one unit to another that are of equal or smaller size or individuals taking carpet out of one place and needing it installed into another.

V. Pad Replacement: In many instances the carpet is still in good shape but due to a flood, extreme pet odors, mold or mildew the padding needs to be changed out. This is an extremely cost effective solution, especially, in commercial or rental settings where your bottom line is everything!

VI. Transitions: Did you just have a tile or wood floor installed? Did you have a foyer added or an addition put on? We can install the transitions giving your home or business that professional look.

Post Inspection

After we’ve finished, we’ll go over and explain the repairs, answer any questions you may have and most important, make sure your 100% satisfied. All of our repairs are guaranteed for the life of your carpet or unless noted on your work order. If a repair we did ever fails, we will fix it free of charge!

Floor Covering Sales & Installations

Carpet Damaged Beyond Repair?

For situations where the carpet is delaminating from excessive water exposure or is otherwise damaged beyond repair, click here to view our flooring sales & installations page. We cut out the middle man saving you hundreds, even thousands off retail stores. We have a huge selection and offer you the same great warranty as with all of our services. Your satisfaction, as always, is 100% guaranteed!

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